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Gel Free , Razor Free 
Cold Air Skin Cooling
Hygenic Adaptors 
Fast and Effective 

Hybrid Laser Hair
Removal Device ​​

RobotXS Catalog 

RobotXS Effect 


Gel Free

Laser Hair Removal

No Need to Apply Cooling Gel or Transmission Gel. Treatment is Performed Safely Thanks to Cold Blowing Air Cooled at -30C . 

Portable and Stylish Design

No Need for Technical İnstallation. 

Works anywehre plug and play. 

Exploding Hair Away on the Skin And Destroying the Hair Root with
High Power and Lots of Cold Air 


RobotXS uses very short pulses and high power. Double the power of any known IPL or Laser. Cold Air Protects the Skin. All Observed with Microscope Asistant. 

Fast and Effective Laser Hair Removal

RobotXS Full Body Hair Removal Takes 40 minutes as you can cover 15cm2 every second with 2 Hz repetation rate and 7.6cm2 spot size. 

Microscope Assistant 

RoboXS Microscope Assitant is Changing The Way We Perform Laser Hair Removal. 

Combining Two Hybrid Lasers
with Cold Air

755nm Focused Hybrid Alexandrite Laser and 808nm Focused Hybrid Diod Laser

Over 10.000 Satisfied Doctors
and Beauty Salons.(Please see intagram feed below) 

There is Not a Single User That Does Not Say RobotXS is The Most PowerFull and Effective IPL or Laser Platform ! Please visit our Instagram and Facebook for All Users. 

RobotXS Instagram Feed 

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